Lauren Watkins
Lauren Watkins

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Lauren Watkins has been living and breathing country music for as long as she can remember. No stranger to the stage, Lauren spent her teen years performing at honky tonks in downtown Nashville, honing her skills as a vocalist and performer.

A recent University of Mississippi graduate, Lauren developed a passion for songwriting during her college years. It was then that she put pen to paper to share her honest, lived experiences through music. Lauren has now returned to Nashville to start her career in country music. She finds inspiration from classic country icons like Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow as well as modern artists like Eric Church, Miranda Lambert and Chris Stapleton.

Lauren’s hard work and passion for songs lead her to sign a publishing deal with Songs & Daughters and Big Loud. She joins a team of esteemed songwriters where she is excited to grow as an artist/ writer and share her music with the world.

"I want my real self to be what reaches people. Whether it’s how I present myself on stage or to people I meet, or if it’s through the words I’m singing. I want listeners to feel like we know each other."


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